The Paddy Kittie and Crew Found. has been created for two reasons.
First of all, to promote the rule of fair play in erotic business as it is broadly understood.
Second of all, to help people who suffered due to negligence in following this rule.
The Found is comprised of kinksters who are professional lawyers, private detectives, security officers, researchers, etc., thus people who possess experience and capability adequate for the task.

How can you help?
1 Inform us about the ongoing or past instances of abuse or about the possible legal solutions to them.
2 Engage in Foundation’s promotional and informational campaigns as well as in direct provision of support to the victims.
3 Back the Foundation financially.

But who’s Kittie?
Everybody met a Kittie once. She often describes herself as: #performer, #exotic_dancer, #pole_dancer, #alternative_model, #showgirl, #artmaker or #booty_queen. Follow the hashtags and you will find thousands of them.
Kittie is usually by herself and doesn’t get along with her family. She has a cat, a low self-esteem and a poor life record. She sometimes breaks down and indulges in self-destructive behavior. She considers herself to be a feminist. Whatever she does somewhere deep down she always feels miserable.
Sooner or later she will come across a bad guy who will take advantage of her personal situation, loneliness and substance abuse problem.
Sooner or later Kittie will be robbed of her money, photos, dignity or even more.
Sooner or later she will hear that, since she danced with the devil, she deserves everything bad that comes her way.
Sooner or later she will hear that she is just a common whore.
In the end, she will start believing in what she hears.
I knew a Kittie once, but I couldn’t do much back then. She already went too far and it was no longer possible to reach out, so I lost her.
This is the story behind the foundation.